Hobby Farm Cats

Pet Patrol's Hobby Farm Cats are feral or semi-wild cats that are happiest living at a farm, hobby farm, horse stable or other outdoor location that provides food, clean water, proper shelter, and love on a daily basis.

Hobby Farm Cats make wonderful helpers because they safely rid farms of rodents that can harbor parasites that infect other animals. Hantavirus, for example, can be present in deer mice droppings and is life-threatening to humans. Rodents also cause damage to grain storage and feed.

Feral cats often lead tragic lives, starving or becoming the victims of hungry predators. Because they are wild, they usually cannot become house cats; however with a nice safe barn, a kind human partner, and tasty cat food, they can thrive.

All of Pet Patrol's Hobby Farm Cats are spayed or neutered, have their full vaccinations, and are cleared of any parasites. They are healthy and well cared for here, but need the outdoors and a job to do in order to make their lives complete. They have never had the opportunity to be handled by people and would prefer that we humans keep at arms length, but they trust us for food and shelter, safety, and a kind word.

By giving a home to some hard working hobby farm cats, you can solve your rodent problem and your whole family can enjoy these fun-loving cats. If you can provide a safe and healthy rural property for one of Pet Patrol's hobby farm cats, please email askus@petpatrol.ca or call 519-669-1979. No adoption fee applies.

Below are some of our Hobby Farm Cats that are in need of a safe environment with access to the outdoors:


Picture of our cat Haven
Picture of our cat Haven

Born: November 1, 2018
Colour: White with Grey
Eyes: Gold
Spayed & Vaccinated


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Little Haven and her sister were found by a little house that was surrounded by farms. The owners of the house had about an acre lot cut out of the farm land, along the road, and they built their little house and a small out building there. There were rarely any cats on their property, except for the occasional barn cat walking through, because they didn’t feed the cats and there was really no place for them to take up residence. One day the elderly couple that live there noticed little kittens playing outside. They were coming out from under the small back porch and were looking a little worse for wear. It was a wide open porch and unless there as a gopher hole under there so they could get out of the wind, it was not sufficient to survival. he husband build a lean-to type of shelter for them with blankets, and sometimes they took refuge under there. Not seeing a mother cat they knew these kittens would not survive without food, and would become prey, so the began to feed them. Worried for their survival Haven and her sister were brought into Pet Patrol care.


As pretty and as cute as Haven is, she has no interest in human companionship. She is completely happy and content to cuddle with the other cats in the sanctuary, friendly or feral, she loves them all. She is playful and energetic, enjoys all the toys, climbers and wide window sills to look outside. Haven is good at basking in the sun as well in a mosh pit of other cats, all curled up and purring contently. After many months of working with her, she still would rather we just leave her alone. It saddens us because she is so cute and her sister was quite social. Haven is ready to be adopted into a hobby farm/horse farm environment where she will be considered a pet and properly cared for.