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Pet Patrol had known about sweet little Lucy for about a year. The woman who had been
feeding her daily had brought us her kittens in the spring, four little black and white or gray and
white babies. They were a little scared but it didn’t take long for them to become social and
good with people. Now all adopted we received a call from the lady again in the fall and again
Lucy has had another litter. Rescuing Lucy proved to be quite difficult and after the second
litter came into our care attempts were made almost on a continuous basis. Now here we are
in the middle of winter and Lucy has decided she would prefer to be able to tiptoe into the
sunroom of the woman’s home and bask in a bit of warmth before trying to get back out again.
Finally on one of these visits the door was quickly shut behind her successfully and Lucy was
in. Whew! Just a matter of a short period of time before she was placed in a carrier and
brought to Pet Patrol. Success!


Lucy is a petite little cat who is playful and likes to be with other cats. She enjoys the cat trees
(which are real trees in the sanctuary playroom), climbing and scratching on them continually
and laying in the sun in the windows. With all our attempts to socialize her, Lucy has been
quite timid about it. She is not interested in people touching her at all. After a year of trying to
socialize her to people we feel she would be best suited for a hobby farm life. She likes to
chase and catch things so a mousing job would be fun for her. Lucy is ready to be adopted
onto a pet oriented hobby farm . One that will appreciate the animals in their care as pets and
welcome them into the farm family.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979