About Us

Pet Patrol is an entirely volunteer-run, no-kill, non-profit cat rescue organization serving the Kitchener-Waterloo region. 

We began in 1996 in recognition of the overpopulation problem of felines in our community. We give cats a second chance and an opportunity for a full life. We are a registered charity and rely solely on donations to cover our extensive veterinary costs (over $100,000 per year). We receive no assistance from our municipality or government. 

Our cats come from all situations; abandoned in the country, owner relinquished, born in a shed and shelters with a high euthanasia rate. They are kept in foster homes rather than kennels – allowing us to learn about their personalities and find them a suitable forever home. All our cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and any health concerns are addressed before they are available for adoption. Pet Patrol does not believe an animal should be euthanized just because they are unwanted or ill but can regain their health. We do everything in our capacity to make sure that all opportunities for the cat are met. Additionally, we work to educate the community on the proper care of cats and provide information aimed at reducing the homeless cat population in the KW and surrounding region. 


To eliminate the suffering of felines and end the feline over-population crisis in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. 


A world in which every cat is safe, loved, and cared for.

What Makes Us Different


We have been a no-kill shelter since our opening in 1996. We believe every cat has the right to a full life. We consider every medical treatment and never perform medically unnecessary euthanasia.

Volunteer Run

We are proud to be an entirely volunteer operated organization. As a result, our funds are spent exclusively on the care of the felines in our charge.

Low Cage

We let cats thrive by housing them in foster homes or our low cage shelter. Cats are only caged when medically necessary. This increases the felines’ quality of life and allows us to assess temperament in a home-like environment.

Inclusive Care

Pet Patrol does not discriminate based on the medical status or history of a cat. We provide care to all cats in need.

Prevention Oriented

We spay and neuter every cat that comes into our care. This prevents more cats from being born and addresses the overpopulation crisis. All cats are vaccinated both for the health of the cat and to prevent animal borne illness in the community.