Frequently Asked Questions

If your indoor cat has slipped out accidentally, they will try to get back in the same way they got out. If you can leave that door or window open, your kitty will probably reappear and try to get back in — but you have to be ready for them or they will turn around and go the other way. Put food and water out as this will keep them close to home. Cats generally will not leave their food source, but if there is none, then their hunting instincts will kick in and they will wander off. Keep their pet carrier with a piece of your clothing inside, so they will pick up your scent. You can use a live trap as well in case they are timid.

The cat is usually within a block and a half from home. Putting up posters on light poles and in busy stores is insufficient in this busy community. A more effective way of locating your kitty is by putting a mini poster, which has a photo of your cat’s face, colour and markings description and as many phone numbers as possible for 24-hour messages, in everyone’s mail box (or taped to their front door) within a two-block radius. This seems like a lot of walking, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly this can be accomplished.

If there is a greenbelt, school yard, parking lot or busy street, you must do at least a block on the other side as well. If there is no response after a week, put the flyers out again. This will really perk up everyone’s interest and they will know you are serious about find your cat and will keep a better look out. When you get someone saying they saw your cat by their house at a certain time of day, put out flyers again stating that your cat has been seen near their house and to please call if they see them. Be at that sighting location an hour before the time noted. Put food out, sit quietly and wait.

Your cat may be very nervous by now and may not recognize you right away, but do not be disheartened. It may just take a little time for them to catch your scent. You may need to use a pet carrier or a pillow case to transport your kitty, or even obtain a humane trap if they are especially stressed by their experience. The number one thing to do is not give up.  Your cat is out there — be persistent and patient!


This procedure, called a pediatric spay/neuter, has safely been done for almost twenty years for local rescue organizations including Pet Patrol. Generally, your veterinarian will not recommend it to the general public and their owned cats. But knowing the good work that cat rescue organizations do, and the overpopulation problem, most vets who support rescue groups will provide this proceedure. There have been continuing studies regarding growth and future behaviour problems, and no known issues have resulted from a pediatric spay or neuter.

There is actually a kitten season, which is from late spring to late fall. Most mother cats will not go into heat when autumn approaches because their eight week gestation would mean they would give birth when the weather is cold and there is snow on the ground. This would put the kittens in great jeopardy for both exposure and prey. Cats who are indoors, but are not spayed and allowed to breed, will give birth anytime of the year, including the winter months. Thankfully it is becoming unacceptable to breed your cat with so many homeless cats around. If you are looking for a particular colour of kitten and length of hair, you may have to be patient until one comes into our care. Kittens are available to be adopted once they are spayed or neutered and have their first set of vaccines, which can be done as early as eight weeks of age.

Our Friends

Cats Anonymous is a cat rescue organization located in Dufferin County. 

Close Veterinary Clinic helps us provide life saving treatment for the cats in our care.

Dr. Heick is also a Certified Animal Chiropractor who works with our cats regularly.

East Village Animal Hospital helps us provide life saving medical treatment for the cats in our care.

Laurention Hills Vet Clinic helps us provide lifesaving medical and surgical treatment for the cats in our care.


  • Critters to Castles in Elora
    Contact Betty via email at
  • No Time to Paws
    One of our volunteer says that Andrea “is amazing, big heart for any animal, reliable and also has experience with diabetic cats and needles”, visit their webpage
  • Waterloo Pet Services
    One of our volunteers says “Murray and Janice take excellent care of our cats while we’re gone”, visit their webpage

A no-kill, not for profit, 100% volunteer, registered charity – all donations go directly towards helping cats in need.

A Professional Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service that operates in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Their Mission Is Simple ” To Put Freedom and Flexibility Into Pet Ownership. To provide professional care and affection for your family pet in your absence. Care that is essential to maintain a happy, healthy friend for life”.