Nine Reasons to Adopt an Older Cat

9. What you see is what you get!
Kittens are cute, but they travel at high speed, climbing curtains in a single bound and racing like the Indy 500 across you in the middle of the night. A mature cat knows the word “no”, and is more likely to prefer your lap to running laps.

8. High mileage cats still run great!
Pre-owned cats aren’t like used cars, they aren’t defective or worn out; they may have simply outlived their former owners or become lost and alone. They are more appreciative of our company.

7. Kittens chew on everything!
Adult cats have grown out of this mischievous stage; their taste is now more selective (premium food and kitty treats). They tend to save their energy for more important activities, like chasing a cat nip mouse or tormenting the neighbour’s dog.

6. Two well-known cliches about cats are: “Curiosity killed the cat” and “Cats have nine lives”.
Curiosity usually leads to the loss of about eight of a kitten’s nine lives, in the first year. Adult cats are survivors and have “Been there. Done that. Won’t go there again!” experience.

5. Few kittens have mastered the fine art of self-grooming!
They are just too busy being the mighty adventurer. Adult cats spend up to half their day with personal grooming, wanting to make a good impression when they greet you at the door.

4. Adult cats require less supervision!
They sleep more, break fewer lamps and don’t try to bite your toes through the blankets in the middle of the night. With an adult cat, you will sleep better, lower your blood pressure and enjoy their energy and affection.

3. The truth is: Neither cats nor kittens allow you to teach them anything!
If you adopt an older cat you avoid the training sessions, failures and frustrations with the kitchen counter leap, toilet paper chase and let’s climb up our owner like they are a tree!

2. Adult cats don’t “litter” as much!
Kittens build sand castles and even sleep in their litter boxes, and then there is a game called “poo-hockey”. People who adopt older cats happily miss this stage of feline fun.

You might be their last chance. Adult cats that end up abandoned, due to no fault of their own, are separated from their loved ones, and are confused and frightened. Many are devastated by their misfortune. Sadly for adult cats, they sit by and watch, as one loving family after another passes them over for a cute kitten. They deserve a second chance for life, love and a permanent home.