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Pet Patrol received a phone call from a lady who had noticed a cat a few weeks before. He
was black and white and he had quite an injury going down the side of his head. Almost like a
huge Harry Potter scar from his forehead to in front of his left ear, down the side of his face a
bit and then under his left eye and down. He had been roaming the small village for quite some
time and ended up in their backyard. The next time they saw him he was stretched out on their
front porch and seeing his injury they started to feed him a bit. Gibson kept his distance but
overtime he would start getting closer as he began to trust the people for food. They used a
humane trap to rescue him, and he remained calm and quiet until brought into care. Seeing
his injuries he was taken to the vet the next day and while sedated to clean his wounds he was
neutered and given his vaccines. Gibson has recovered from his injuries beautifully and settled into living at the sanctuary


Gibson has remained aloof to people even with all our efforts to help him adjust to being pet
and even become closer to him so he could be pet. He is having none of it. Some cats who
have lived their life without human contact, no touching, petting or being shown any positive
attention, don’t know what they are missing or how to achieve it. They don’t know how to be
part of a family lifestyle, living with people and interacting. After many months of working with
Gibson, he has made it quite clear that he would prefer a life style on a hobby farm where he
has a job to do, primarily mousing. A place that will consider him to be a pet, but understand
his inability to be a cuddly cat. He is ready to be adopted into a forever hobby farm home.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979