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There is a very small town just on the outside of the city, which is trying hard not to be engulfed
in subdivisions and the city life. It’s not uncommon for people to allow their cats outside to
roam as there is just one main road and then a few side streets. So, a calm quiet place to be.
The lady who contacted Pet Patrol had mentioned she had seen this brown tabby searching
for food around her home. He’s been coming for about two weeks and she started putting
food out for him right away which he completely devoured each time. Obviously wherever he
had come from there was not enough food. Being on the edge of the city means you’re also
on the edge of country. There are farms around with barns and outbuildings and we’re not sure
if Vincent came from one of these. The woman called Pet Patrol to borrow a humane trap and
within a very short period of time brought him into our care. Initially Vincent was quite intimidated by his new surroundings.


Vincent is shy but is approachable for a pet in a small area. He prefers to hang out in tight
comfy cubbies with another cat, Natasha, but will roam around when the sanctuary is quiet –
the vacumm is a monster to be avoided. If he is out in the open he will avoid people as much
as possible, watching where they are going and what they are doing. He is not aggressive and
has never hissed or swatted. He will come out for treats but he will stay at a distance. Vincent
would do well if kept with Natasha from the sanctuary. They are shy and scared but we feel in
time on a hobby farm they would come around to being more social.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979