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Nola was found at a construction site in a big city. There are a lot of trucks, heavy equipment
and rough and raw materials there. Although quiet at night and somewhat protected if there is
a fence around the job site, it is still considered uninhabitable. One man working there, who
has cats of his own, realized what a difficult environment it is for a small animal to survive in .
Then he discovered Nola she was living under the bucket of an out of commission back hoe.
Then he realized she had kittens. Some of the little ones were rescued and the workers took
them home for themselves, but others could not be rescued right away. Finally, one of the
kittens was brought to Pet Patrol, and a few days later Nola came in with the remaining baby.
We called the babies Nemo and Niah. All have thrived in our care.


Although her kittens have socialized up beautifully, Nola has resisted. Over the twenty five
years that Pet Patrol has been rescuing and adopting cats, we have had our fair share of feral
cats. Some are friendly but frightened and will show us their loving and affectionate
personality with time and patience, but not Nola. She is wanting to live her life on a hobby
farm. One that will provide food and water daily, shelter year round and a warm place in the
winter time. She would like to be a mouser and will reside with other cats just fine, she just
prefers to keep her distance from people. She is a petite and sweet faced kitty. Nola is ready
to be adopted into a hobby farm where she will be welcomed and kept track of.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979