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Amelia was a girl from the streets. Lost and lonely. Pet Patrol found out about her when a
woman called to say she found a litter of kittens in her window well. She couldn’t see them
from inside the house because that window had been covered up, so she just stumbled
upon them when she was checking out the gardens. She was an elderly woman and the
opportunity to rescue them herself was not possible. One of our volunteers gladly went
over to see them, and happened to know the woman personally. The kittens were gathered
up easily into a carrier, as they were only a week old. A humane trap was set up for
the mother cat, baited with nice smelly canned cat food. and she went right in. Right at the
same time, a lawn care company showed up and started spraying the lawn for weeds. Oh
my! talk about in the nick of time. The toxic spray would have caused suffering for the
kittens and the mom as well but they are all thriving in one of our experienced foster
homes and once weaned the kittens will be ready for adoption.


Amelia remains a timid and unsure cat. She has decided she would prefer to be a hobby
farm cat. She is enjoying the luxuries that people can prove, like food and fresh water, but
being a strictly indoor cat is not her thing. Amelia liked being free roaming, but not the
exposure to the elements with only a deck for shelter. She did not like traveling long distances
to try and find the essentials of life and being fearful all the time. A hobby farm,
where she will be considered a pet, would suit her just fine. Amelia is ready to be adopted into her forever home.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979