Be a lifesaver! Foster a Pet Patrol cat.

There are many rewards to fostering.

Some cats entering the care of Pet Patrol have been through more tough times than is imaginable. They are usually very friendly and outgoing, but some need one-to-one attention to help them become more confident. Once they have been vet checked, treated for parasites and vaccinated, our cats are then spayed or neutered and placed into foster care. Living in our homes will bring out the best in them and help us to understand their personalities. Through this we are able to be ‘kitty matchmakers’ and find the right home for that feline.

Fostering cats is a rewarding and heart warming experience!

As a foster caregiver, you will meet people with whom you share your love of cats, learn more about felines than you presently know, and appreciate the dedication needed to help these cats in crisis. You will also have the opportunity to watch them change into healthy, well-adjusted cats, ready to be adopted by a responsible person into a loving and permanent home. Most of all you will gain the satisfaction of knowing you have literally saved a life!

Know that you have made a difference!

Pet Patrol daily receives calls about abandoned and lost cats. Simply put, we can’t take in a cat unless we have a foster home for it.

Fostering is not a difficult or complicated process. With the exception of our requirement that all Foster Care Providers follow an integration procedure and that they keep the Foster Cat indoors, you will basically be treating the cat as if it were your own cherished pet.

It really is more than just fostering, it’s life changing for the kitty and for you.

Please contact us if you are interested in fostering.