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One of Pet Patrol’s long time volunteers has been feeding cats in her small town for a very
long time. Her front cement porch has a solid railing on all sides which gives the cats a private
and windless area to be fed. Her feeding station has accommodated up to sixteen cats at
one time. Over the years she has brought many of the poor felines into Pet Patrol care. This
way they will not endure another winter outside, dealing with fluctuating temperatures, wind,
snow, rain and in the summer, scorching heat. For a little while she has been feeding Maui.
He would just sit at the bottom of the steps, waiting patiently for her to bring out the food and
fresh water. In the beginning he would scoot away when she opened the front door, but eventually he stopped running and started watching, and then just kindly waiting. When she heard
that we had room at the sanctuary to take in more cats and she was pleased when she found Maui
in the humane trap. He is on his way to a better life.


It has been a delight to have Maui at the sanctuary. He has proven to be a sweet, gentle and
easy going cat who has taken to indoor living like he was waiting for it to happen. He likes to
look out the windows and watch the traffic, birds and people coming and going from the sanctuary. He is friendly and likes to greet people and show them the love and receive attention
back. Maui is a gentle player and likes to bat at the wand toys and catnip is the absolute best
thing ever. This handsome boy is ready to be adopted into his forever home. One that will
welcome him into the family and keep hims safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979