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Aggie’s momma, Amara, is such a tiny cat and she probably became impregnated with her
litter of kittens on her first heat. She looks like she is barely 9 months old. She gave birth
to three tortoiseshell and one black kitten (Arya, Amelia, Aggie and Audrey), all girls, underneath a back deck of a man’s house. It was cluttered with rolled up carpet and flooring, a
freezer and storage. To rescue the kittens from there proved to be difficult as Amara would
move them farther and farther in from the opening when she sensed people getting too
close. So time and patience was needed until the kittens were old enough to come out and
start eating on their own. At four weeks old they appeared and the first kitten was easy to
rescue and so was Mom as she can be picked up and carried, but the other three were a
little more elusive. Within a few days they were able to be enticed out with food. Into a cat
carrier and on Pet Patrol‘s sanctuary.


Aggie is a very people-focused kitten who likes to climb and explore. Though she loves to
race around with her sisters she always wants to be sure her foster family is nearby, and as
soon as she’s ready for some down time she goes looking for snuggles. She’s happy to be
held and carried. Aggie loves to nap on a warm lap (or even draped over your shoulder!)
and her contented purrs will make a nice sound track for your day. Aggie is seeking a
forever home filled with love, cuddles, and plenty of playtime. She is ready to be adopted
into her forever home and would like to be with one of her sisters, Amelia, Audrey or Arya.
A home that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979