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Tiggy, a friendly orange tabby, showed up on a property at the edge of town, one that over
looks a field, bush and streams. The owners of the property noticed him right away as it is
unusual for them to have cats show up at their remote location, and an orange kitty stands
out. They knew that they needed to give him a safe place, away from local wildlife and
from becoming prey. Tiggy was invited to stay in their garage, where he was given food,
water and a place to sleep. He especially appreciated sitting in the sunshine on the window
ledge. The couple living there already had a cat indoors and could not afford another one,
but they were worried about Tiggy and wanted him to go to a rescue organization so that a
good home could be found.


Tiggy appreciates being indoors and being safe. He is very quick to give purrs when he
gets pets and snuggles and is easy to pick up and carry. This handsome boy seems to curl
right into his people’s arms. Tiggy is a happy cat who enjoys the finer things of life, like
sunny windowsills, fun toys and people to spoil him. He has done well with the other cats
here in the sanctuary and new people or volunteers coming in to help. Toys are interesting
to him, and most cats can’t resist ones with catnip in them, Tiggy is no exception, he is
totally enthralled with the little catnip mice and sachets. He is ready to be adopted into his
forever home. One that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979