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Pet Patrol’s history goes way back to when Sprout’s mom, Jaimie, was rescued. She was
brought inside by a lovely woman who set a feeding station on her back porch. Her little house
that she rented was right in the middle of down town where there was a lot of traffic, rental
houses, high rises, businesses and people too busy to take care of the felines left to fend for
themselves on the street. The woman chose to keep these two cats for herself and after a few
years had to move, and at that time she owned seven kitties. Fast forward a few more years
and she was now not able to work and needed to down size again. A few of her older cats had
passed away and she only had four, including this mother and daughter and asked if Pet
Patrol could help with them. Eventually she found a home for the girls and all seemed fine.
Suddenly four months later the local city shelter called Pet Patrol and said that Jaimie and
Sprout were turned in to their kennel, in humane traps, saying they were found on the street.
Very sad. We were unable to locate who their owner was at that time, and both girls are now
happy and heathy and doing well at the Pet Patrol sanctuary.


Sprout is a very interesting kitty. She has really taken to her new life of play and fun, she is out
and about and doesn’t hid when people come over or during the sanctuary cleaning duties.
She is friendly and likes to be pet, a little startled by sudden movements and loud noises, but
over all is a nice little cat. She is active and enjoys chasing after the toys, playing with the other
cats and when tuckered out she will curl up in a private little spot and have a snooze. Sprout is
ready to be adopted to a calm home, one that will welcome her into the family and keep her
safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979