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Pet Patrol received the following message: “A cat has been hanging around my house for
almost three weeks now and gets chased out of the yard by my dog, but always returns. I
haven’t really been able to purposely pet him, as he is quite hesitant. He ate the food I put out
for him every day, and when I sat outside, he didn’t seem to be skittish or aggressive. I was
able to get him into the cat carrier twice now and had him checked for a microchip, but there
was none. He was always very calm and quiet in the car ride to the vet clinic.” They were not
able to determine if the cat was a boy or a girl, but once it came into Pet Patrol care, we discovered it was a female and we named her Fern.


Meet Fern: a charming, sweet, black and white girl with a lovely face and a very distinct personality. Her talkative and social nature really don’t tell the story of her rough beginnings. Having come from outside where finding her next meal was a daily challenge, it’s no wonder she
loves her food, especially a freshly opened can! One of her defining traits is her talkativeness.
She has a wide repertoire of meows, purrs, and chirps that she uses to communicate with her
human companions. Whether expressing her contentment during cuddles, or simply
engaging in casual conversation, Fern’s vocalizations make her a delightful and expressive
feline companion. Despite her early struggles, Fern has a deep affection for people. She will
request a pet or an ear scritch and seeks out cozy spots to curl up and enjoy some quality time
with her loved ones. Fern would be good with one laid back cat in a house, as she has learned
to share her spaces with others in the sanctuary. Fern is ready for her forever home, one that
will give her lots of love and attention, and keep her safely indoors!

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979