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Panther lived with an elderly man who was disabled, and was fed low quality cat food, never
played with and never saw a vet. When he came into Pet Patrol care his coat was dull and he
had not been provided with any medical care other than his initial neuter surgery and vaccines.
He sadly was neglected. The man was very anxious for him to go and when his visiting friend
came to visit and suggested Pet Patrol he jumped at the chance to get this handsome cat out
of his home. He had kept him since he was a kitten – given to him as a gift – but was tired of
him and didn’t care anymore. Poor Panther felt quite unwelcome and was very happy when
someone took notice and brought him to Pet Patrol.


From his foster home: Panther stole our hearts from the first day he entered our lives. He is a
very chatty, playful, and affectionate cat who loves to follow us around the house wherever we
go. He makes sure to greet everyone with his cute meows, including strangers who he hasn’t
met before! He is a great communicator and conveys his needs very well. When pets are
wanted he throws himself right in front of us with his belly up and he will bunt his head into your
hand for pets. He is a big fan of playing hide & seek, running after thrown objects, and chasing his wand toy. He also loves gazing outside from the top of his cat tree, watching the birds
and catching some sun. His scratching post is one of his favourite items in the house. In fact,
since we got him the post, he made sure not to scratch anywhere else. Panther is ready to
be adopted into his forever home. One that will welcome him into the family, as an only cat,
and keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979