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A woman who lives on a large farm property with her parents, knows all the cats they have in
the barn, and they are well fed and looked after. Everyone is spayed or neutered, which helps to
keep the colony small and healthy. One day she found Gabby on the property and this little
brown tabby is not one that was familiar to her. She was sitting not too far from another little
black cat laying on the ground who she assumed had passed away. This was Riley, she
survived with good vet care and now the two are reunited. Gabby didn’t want to leave her
friend alone, and the two have shared hardships until they found this farm. They have both
regained their health and have put on some weight and continued to thrive steadily in Pet
Patrol care. Both cats know each other and like each other, but don’t necessarily have to be
adopted together as they get along well with other cats, although it would be nice to have
someone familiar when going into a new home.


This cute little cat with her wee cherub face is very loving and affectionate. She has had to live
by her wits so she’s very intelligent and is aware of her surroundings readily. She has really
taken a liking to this good life of having a warm place to live, food, water, and people to look
after her. And the toys! Oh my, the toys! She is having just the greatest time with playing. She is
good with other cats, and extremely friendly and fun loving. Gabby is ready to be adopted into
her forever home. One that will welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979