Bodhi & Bramm

Bodhi & Bramm

Bodhi & Bramm

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Bodhi and his brother Bramm were found living with their mom and siblings, finding shelter
in an abandoned barn building on the main street of a small town. It had been like that for
many, many years and people had wondered over time why it had not been developed into
some thing or torn down. The neighbours who lived on either side knew of a mother cat
and her tiny kittens that were living in the building. They were able to squeeze under a
garage door to find safety from predators. Inside was clutter and spaces where they could
stay out of any poor weather. What was alarming, when a friend heard about the cats, was
that the mother had a massive abscess on her neck. Obviously something had attacked
her, and it had become infected. These cats needed to be rescued as soon as possible.
There were four Kittens and the woman took them all home and socialized them until Pet
Patrol was able to take them in. The mother cat she immediately took to the vet to have
her wounds addressed, and she will be spayed and pampered. We are happy that the
kittens have come into our care, and they have thrived.


These two boys are often found curled up together and hugging. They enjoy wrestling,
batting a ball or spring back and forth, chasing each other thru tunnels and cat trees, or a
good game of tag. Bodhi learned about the world around him from his siblings, chasing the
laser light and spring toys, and climbing onto couches and chairs to observe the goings-on.
His curiosity and playfulness are great signs of a healthy and happy kitten Bramm is the
bravest and will explore new areas first, showing the way for the others. These kittens can
be picked up easily and carried, They will lay on your lap for a little snooze and their loud
purrs when cuddling is so soothing to listen to. Bodhi and Bramm are ready to be adopted
into their forever home together. One that will welcome them into the family and keep
them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979