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One of Pet Patrol‘s long time volunteers, who lives in a very small village off the main
highway, had noticed a number of black and white cats appearing on her property on an
irregular basis. One here, one there and she figured they were from a local farm that had
just been sold. The barn was now boarded up and the cats were not allowed entry, leaving
them homeless. A number of cats with their kittens in tow had showed up to her dependable feeding station. They have been rescued and the next one to show up was Becca.
The property owner had moved the year before and Becca had finally made her way to our
volunteers’ back yard. This little cat spent the winter in the insulated cat house and it was
undetermined if she was friendly or not. Finally rescued she was brought to the sanctuary,
spayed and vaccinated and there have been many attempts to socialize her. Unfortunately
Becca is not catching on to how people’s pets are comforting, but she has settled in here.


Becca is a kitty who is fine with other felines, and lives as part of the colony at the sanctuary. We get the impression that she would like to be a hobby farm cat as she regularly
gazes out the window to the fields, and likes to watch the birds and activities outside. Sadly
she avoids people and would rather receive her affection from the other cats. Becca is a
street smart kitty and it would be nice to see her in a country environment, where she is
provided food, fresh water, year round shelter. It is important that she has caring people to
watch out for her.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979