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Kayla’s story told by her rescuer: I volunteer for Pet Patrol and live in a small rural village
surrounded by farms so there are a lot of new cats that show up quite frequently. I have set up
a feeding station on my back deck for any cat that wants food and that is how I met Kayla. As
with a lot of the cats that show up, Kayla was nervous and uncertain about being able to trust
me. She had a little tummy on her so figured she was pregnant but couldn’t get close enough
to see for sure. This little cat with the big eyes was very hungry and it wasn’t long before I
could approach her and pet her. Kayla would hiss but then rub against my legs, wanting to
trust but the other humans in her life had let her down so wasn’t sure. It didn’t take long after
that for me to feel her belly and know she had had nursing babies already but where were
they? Eventually Kayla, knowing she could trust me now and there was dependable food for
her babies, brought four babies to the feeding station. Everyone was able to get rescued and
brought to Pet Patrol where they are safe & warm!


Kayla has never really known about being handled by people, being pet, having her ears
rubbed or her chin scratched. She’s very hesitant about anyone approaching as well. We
feel that it would be nice for her to be able to live on a healthy hobby farm. One that will provide
her with food and shelter And watch out for her. She is a very petite pretty little cat, but is not
really happy to be strictly indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979