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Little Capri, just three months old, was noticed in various places in a small, rural village: She was
constantly moving around, would hid under decks, spotted at a local church, found shelter near a
house and she was last noticed at the village stoplight. People noted that she seemed very small
and defenseless. How would a little kitten like this survive in the cold weather? How could she
possibly defend herself against coyotes that had been seen in the neighbouring fields? Why had
no one rescued her before this? Fortunately, a cat-loving couple put a plan in place to get Capri
to safety. They started by setting out food for her and after two days they were able to entice her
into an humane trap. One of their neighbours was a volunteer at Pet Patrol so this pretty girl was
brought into our care soon afterwards. The surprising thing is how friendly she was. Easy to pick
up and hold, she purred happily and had obviously been raised with people since she was tiny. It
is unknown where she came from but we are happy to have her in Pet Patrol care.


Meet Capri! This sweet kitten is a beautiful gentle kitten. She loves to run and play and when she
is tired, if her foster mom sits down, Capri curls up on her lap or next to her for her afternoon
siesta. If a lap is not available, she can be found curled up in the cat tree. Capri is your typical
kitten, loves to explore her toys and wrestle with the other foster kitten ( Destiny) and then a game
of tag and hide-n-seek in the tunnel. There is not a toy she does not like. She is good with other
cats and would enjoy the company of another cat/kitten who would play and wrestle with her. She
has been around the small dogs in her foster home and with the right introduction, she will be fine
with a passive dog. She will be quiet and shy at first and will need time to adjust to her new
home and people. She enjoys her pets and snuggles. Capri is ready to be adopted into her
forever home. One that will welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979