Kitty Kitty – behavior

Kitty Kitty – behavior

Kitty Kitty – behavior

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An older couple who live on a country property had contacted Pet Patrol in regards to a female
cat who showed up on their property. She’s friendly and they don’t get too many sociable cats
out there unless they were dropped off. This means people go off the beaten track, and find a
place to abandon their cat. They think that the cat will have a wonderful life living in the country,
however they are then exposed to the elements, predators and starvation. Not all farmers will
welcome yet another cat and food is often very limited. In the case of Kitty Kitty, there were two
large dogs on the property who chase off all cats. The couple secured a safe place for this
little cat and after being fed by them she introduced her two kittens to them. The babies were
very small and defenseless at that time. In seeking out someone to take this pretty black and
white mamma, they heard about Pet Patrol through friends of theirs, and drove the almost one
hour commute to bring them to the sanctuary.


Kitty Kitty is a very petite little cat, in fact you would never know she was an adult cat and has
had kittens by looking at her. She is about the size of a five month old kitten. She is sweet and
affectionate, even though she can be a bit timid at first, and she has learned how to be with
people by watching the other kitties interact with their caregivers. She loves to be pet and will
crook her little head upside down and flop over for a belly rub. So cute. Kitty Kitty would do
best in a home with another accepting cat (she is good with Rose who came from the same
location). One that will welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979