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Pet Patrol received a call from a woman who was very concerned about a mother cat and
kitten (Fluff). As the story goes, her daughter’s friend had rescued them when they showed up
at her home. She didn’t want leave them there, especially since they were shivering, and
brought them into her care. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to keep them in her home due to
allergies. She phoned her best friend who contacted her mother to see if she could house
them until more permanent plans could be made for them, and soon both cats were brought in.
Fluff and his mom had the run of the heated garage and settled in. Anything was better than
being cold, wet, hungry and unwelcome. Soon Fluff was showing what a happy boy he was
now safe and well looked after..


From her foster mom: Meet Faleena, our extraordinary foster cat with a remarkable journey.
When she first arrived she hid in a cardboard box, but with gentle persistence she began to
show signs of progress. Then suddenly, a beautiful transformation occurred. She became
more social with her foster family, gradually overcoming her shyness and embracing each day
with newfound courage. This delightful feline will follow you around the house, eager to explore
and be a part of your daily activities. Her genuine affection shines through as she greets you
with soft purrs and warm gazes when you return home. Faleena’s playful nature extends to her
interactions with other cats, making her an excellent companion for a gentle or aloof feline
friend. However, she can also thrive as a single cat in a loving home where she receives
ample attention from a stay-at-home parent, fostering her confidence and growth. Faleena’s
love for toys and her remarkable energy level make her a joy to watch and interact with. Her
favourite toys are the bouncy, plastic springs that she loves to carry around the house in her
mouth, providing endless entertainment. Faleena is ready to be adopted into her forever
home. One that will welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979