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Pet Patrol was contacted by two caring and kind-hearted women who have been feeding a
feral cat colony in their urban neighbourhood. They had been trying for a while to rescue
Molly’s mom, Misha, a mother cat who has had at least four or five litters of kittens. When they
noticed in late February that she was pregnant again, they did their best to rescue her using a
humane trap, but Misha was wise to it and would not go in. The women set up a large dog
cage instead, which was not so enclosed and soon after Misha gave birth to three kittens. It
was too cold for them to be outdoors so the women placed a cat carrier next to the cage and
Misha moved the three kittens into it, but she would not go in it herself (not enough room). One
of the women went outside and picked up the carrier and finding Misha in the dog cage,
quickly shut the door and brought everyone inside. Sadly, one of the three kittens did not
survive as it was exposed to the cold for too long, but the other two kittens (Maggie and
Molly) were now safe and warm. To everyone’s surprise forty eight hours later the last kitten
was born (Midgey).


Molly is the bravest of her litter, always the first to check out new toys and to greet people. This
little one is quite agile and quick and when she discovered the cat tree it was a new adventure,
climbing up and down and onto the window ledge. Molly also loves the crinkly balls, the
plastic toy springs and running through the kitty tunnels. She is always looking for a new adventure.
Molly would do well with one of her siblings, or if there is another friendly cat in the
home to keep her company. She is ready to be adopted into her forever home. One that will
welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979