Arlo & August

Arlo & August

Arlo & August

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Winter is a hard time for any of us, but especially for those who do not have a home. In a
very small village off a main road, there is a house where stray cats often take refuge. The
house has an exterior covered window well with a heat lamp and dry bedding inside. The
window is at the side of the house looking into the shop in the basement. The cats, mostly
feral but some friendly, are fed three times a day at the back door. August & Arlo’s
momma, Ariel, arrived on her own one winter day, from no one knows where. The people
who lived in the house could tell she was tame and friendly, as she would come to them for
pets as well as food. While other cats would come and go, Ariel stayed. The couple felt
that she deserved to live a life safely in a home and soon called Pet Patrol. Soon afterwards
three little kittens were born : Adell, Arlo and August and all have thrived in our care.


August and Arlo are busy kittens who love to play and check everything out. Their favourite
activities are racing around the room in a game of Indy 500 with each other, diving into
the cat tunnels, wrestling, and then hopping out and doing it all over again. The two brothers
are quite agile and climb cat tree and check out what is happening on the other side of
the window. Birds, squirrels and even traffic entices them and their little ears perk up as
they listen to the noises outside. Cardboard boxes with peek a boo holes in them create
great entertainment for them and put in a toy ball and the fun begins. Both boys are easy
to pick up and cuddle, they purr happily and don’t mind watching a movie with you or
snoozing beside you at bedtime. They are ready to be adopted together into their forever
home. One that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979