Ritter & Razzel

Ritter & Razzel

Ritter & Razzel

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A young woman made a desperate plea in an email to Pet Patrol looking for help with three
young cats. This was Ritter, Razzel and their big brother. “Hello, I live in small town Ontario and
I’m helping someone clean their property. I truly don’t want to speak badly about them, but they
have abandoned (in the middle of winter) three young cats outside. They are not doing well
and this person is quite negative toward them. I cannot afford to feed them and really need to
get them help. Please reach out if you could help find them a home. I will help in any way I can
as there is no rescue that services our area. They are all very much adoptable but not fixed. I
already found homes for the other cats on the property. Thank you in advance!” Soon transportation was arranged and the three cats came into Pet Patrol care. They are lovely, friendly
and social kitties.


Ritter and Razzle are very bonded. They were separated for just a few days but when reunited
they hugged each other and she began grooming him and snuggling in. She is a very sweet,
loving little cat. She is not big in stature, but makes up for it in purrs and little kitty kisses. She
is very cute with her little polydactyl toes, not distinctive thumb like some polydactyl, but almost an even round of toes. She is playful, loving, very smart, and seeks out her people for
cuddles and play. When Ritter came into the sanctuary he was quite unsure of everything. He
has been inspired by lots of cat toys in the playroom, climbers, and people have caught his
interest and he has come around quite nicely with lots of tender, loving care. He is happy to be
with other cats but mostly with his sister, Razzle, and he is showing his playful and loving side.
Ritter and Razzle are ready to be adopted into their forever home together. One that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979