Max & Marli

Max & Marli

Max & Marli

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Pet Patrol received a message from a woman who was concerned about two cats that she
had found in her backyard. She said they had been there for about a month and she didn’t
know who they belonged to. She was feeling very overwhelmed with young children at home
and had not posted the cats on any lost pet sites or taken them to check for a microchip. After
gathering the limited information that we were given one of our volunteers went and easily
picked up the cats. It appeared that they were very healthy and of good weight. Since they
were not microchipped, Pet Patrol has not been able to trace their owners. These poor cats
really are bewildered and not knowing what has happened. Perhaps their home was within the
same neighborhood, but no one has reached out to claim them. Sad.


Both Max and Marli are very sweet cats. They are easy to pet and love to have their chins
scratched and to be cuddled. When they first arrived at the sanctuary, they were quite overwhelmed with their environment, but over time did adjust and have done much better in their
foster home. Marlie is very very affectionate and likes to butt her head into you in order to
receive attention and affection. She makes herself known, purrs deeply and looks at you with
love in her eyes. Both are very sweet and will rub up against your legs while on their tippy
toes. Max is quite a handsome cat and loves to be pet, brushed and cuddled as well. Both
are happy to be with you, flopping on the couch or bed and ready to keep you company. Both
would do best adopted together into their forever home. One that will welcome them into the
family and keep them safely indoors. .

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979