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Little Goldie came from a rural property about forty five miles from the city.  The couple that own the farm have three barns that hold chickens and for the longest time they had only one barn cat. She was a senior and patrolled the property for vermin and kept the farmer company while he did his chores.  After she passed there were no cats around for several years, then one day there were four or five that suddenly showed up.  Not being spayed or neutered there were kittens born spring and fall and the couple re homed the little ones.   Goldie was timid at the time and they brought her into the house and provided her with a room to sleep and play in while they socialized her.  Finally she was ready to be spayed and receive her vaccinations and possibly returned to the barn so the couple sought out Pet Patrol to help.  Since Goldie is so friendly and the woman had been facing health issues herself the couple felt it would be better to let this little champagne girl have her own family, indoors and in comfort.  Soon she was in Pet Patrol’s care.


What a sweet girl she is.  Goldie is adorable and always receptive to being pet and cuddled. She is gentle and enjoys a good pet, will graduate to being a lap cat and bedtime buddy when given the opportunity.  Goldie does well with other cats and with a slow introduction will be fine with another playful and easy going cat in the home.  She is quite playful and has really enjoyed the variety of toys  offered to her and anything she can pounce on, chase or roll around on the floor with (cat nip mice especially) she is all in.  Goldie is a very nice little cat who will provide good company and make you smile.  She is ready to be adopted into her forever home.  One that will welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979