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Pet Patrol received an email from a young woman who is in university and renting a house
with 4 or 5 friends. She mentioned that there was a pretty calico mother cat and kittens playing in the over grown back yard. It seemed that they were crawling under the chain link fence
and finding shelter under the neighbours shed and back deck. She knocked on that neighbours door and no one would answer. She made an effort to contact them several times but no
one ever came to the door. Seeing that food was not put out for them she started feeding this
little feline family and the cats came into her yard. Although they would still seek shelter under
the shed overnight most of the time they were playing in her yard. Eventually Pet Patrol had
room in the sanctuary, as this is peak kitten season and it has been extremely difficult to house
everyone, and the mother cat was rescued on a beautiful warm day and seem very frightened
but not aggressive. Within a few days all the kittens came into our care as well.


Olive is a beautiful calico kitty who would like to live on a hobby farm. She has been in Pet
Patrol care throughout the winter and has proven that she would prefer to not be social with
people. She is not aggressive, never hisses or swats, but will not allow us to approach her
for petting. She is great with the other cats and can often be found curled up with them in a
puddle of fur and purr. She is playful, when no one is looking, liking to chase toys and climb
the cat trees for a good view of what is going on. Olive is a good girl, just not meant for a
family home. She is ready to be adopted as a hobby farm cat. One that will appreciate the
animals in their care as pets and welcome them into the farm family.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979