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One of Pet Patrol’s volunteers lives in a town where there are quite a few cats that migrate into
the village from the surrounding farms. They are only a field or two away from any street and
we have rescued many brown tabby and white cats from this area and Ivy is no exception. A
picture of her was sent to Pet Patrol just two or three days before her rescue showing that she
was indeed pregnant and by the looks of the empty plate, very hungry as well. The woman
who had been feeding her lives across the road from our volunteer and quickly called her when
Ivy was in the humane trap. We are lucky that we were able to bring her in before she gave
birth to her kittens. She was very nervous of people in the beginning, but reassured that her
kittens were well looked after and did not fuss when they were cuddled. All her kittens are well
socialized and adopted now, time for Ivy to come into her own and find a loving family.


Ivy has come a long way in her foster home from the frightened little cat who came into Pet
Patrol care initially. She is very social and wants to be involved and near her people. She can
be a bit hesitant with new people, but always runs to the door to greet anyone that comes over.
She relies on the confidence of the resident cats in her foster home to show her how awesome indoor life can be. Ivy loves to play, especially with catnip toys or anything that squeaks.
She is food motivated, and using treats has helped to gain her trust with people. Pretty Ivy
enjoys snuggling with the other cats in her foster home, laying on the heated beds, and watching the squirrels from the window. She is looking for a home with a confident resident cat that
can help her and people that are patient and loving. One that will welcome into her into the
family and keep her safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979