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Macy is a lovely medium long haired cat who literally appeared out of nowhere. Suddenly she
appeared in the darkness as a couple were getting out of their car in their driveway. She was
a little startled when the woman jumped when she realized this little cat was right beside her,
but almost immediately Macy showed how affectionate and in need she was. This pretty
medium long-haired cat was looking for help and tried to get inside their home, but not knowing anything about her they decided instead to keep her in the garage. At least she would be
safe until morning, when they would start to look for her original owner. They posted her on
social media but no one came forward saying that they owned her, but others offered to take
her in. The couple decided to bring her to Pet Patrol because they could see that she needed
some medical care. Poor Macy was so badly matted, from head to tail tip that she had discomfort when walking. You couldn’t even put your fingers through her fur to touch her skin.
Soon after arriving at the sanctuary Macy was taken to the vet, spayed and shaved down. Not
something we do often, but in her case, she needed a fresh start and to be comfortable.


Macy is a friendly affectionate cat. She will come running to the door when you get home and
enjoys following you around. She will always be by your side. You can count on Macy for cuddles because she loves to share her affection with you on the couch. As a playful kitty Macy
enjoys playing with toys that are filled with catnip or make a noise. Her favourite toy right now
is a catnip stuffed taco. This pretty girl would do best in a home without children and be the
only cat. She is ready to be adopted into her forever home. One that will welcome her into the
family and keep her safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979