Ways You Can Contribute:

  • Adopt a cat from Pet Patrol
  • Inquire if your Corporation arranges donations to Registered Charities for their employees’ volunteer work or matches any donations dollar-for-dollar
  • Direct Deposit Donation from your bank to Pet Patrol’s on a monthly basis
  • Purchase Nincompoop Organic Mulch for your flower or vegetable gardens (a┬áportion of the proceeds from every bag goes directly to Pet Patrol!)
  • Contribute to our Commitment of the Heart program and sponsor a special needs cat that will live out its life in Pet Patrol’s care
  • Make a charitable donation to cover the costs to have a cat spayed and vaccinated
  • Donate your Canadian Tire money by giving our phone number at the cash register (519.669.1979)
  • Host a garage sale or car wash
  • “Coppers for Kitties” penny collection
  • Place a Donation Can in your workplace (call us @ 519.669.1979 for a donation can)