Ways You Can Contribute:

  • Adopt a cat from Pet Patrol
  • Inquire if your Corporation arranges donations to Registered Charities for their employees’ volunteer work or matches any donations dollar-for-dollar
  • Direct Deposit Donation from your bank to Pet Patrol’s on a monthly basis
  • Purchase Nincompoop Organic Mulch for your flower or vegetable gardens (a portion of the proceeds from every bag goes directly to Pet Patrol!)
  • Contribute to our Commitment of the Heart program and sponsor a special needs cat that will live out its life in Pet Patrol’s care
  • Make a charitable donation to cover the costs to have a cat spayed and vaccinated
  • Buy one of our calendars for yourself, a friend or family member (please call us @ 519.669.1979)
  • Donate your Canadian Tire money by giving our phone number at the cash register (519.669.1979)
  • Host a garage sale or car wash
  • “Coppers for Kitties” penny collection
  • Place a Donation Can in your workplace (call us @ 519.669.1979 for a donation can)

Evan's Birthday Money Donation           Evan's Birthday Money Donation

This little boys name is Evan, and he decided he wanted to “help the kitties at Pet Patrol” by asking guests to his birthday party to donate money instead of giving him a birthday gift. He was thrilled with the results and raised $255 for the cats in our care.

Thank you Evan!