Rayina (Kitten) has been Adopted

Picture of our cat Rayina

Born: February 2019
Colour: Orange & White
Eyes: Gold
Spayed & Vaccinated


✔ Quiet home
✔ Active home
✔ Adult home
?  Children under 12
✔ Children over 12
?  Other cats
?  Dogs (passive)
✔ Indoors only


Pet Patrol received an email from a woman who was quite concerned about some cats that were living in a drive shed. Their main shelter was in this large and uninsulated building, amongst motors, cars, oil and dirt. They would trot across the gravel driveway, in all weathers, onto the front porch of the house, then cry to get the owners attention to be fed. In total there were six cats, fairly friendly but a little concerned. None of the cats were spayed or neutered and naturally there were a few litters born. The property owners really didn’t know where the cats had come from. At one point there was a mother cat who arrived, had her litter, raised them in the drive shed and then promptly disappeared leaving two of them behind. This was Rayina and her brother Roman and they were in need of being rescued. The people weren’t interested in having them there any longer and didn’t want to worry about them over the winter time. When the cats were brought to the sanctuary by a friend of theirs, first thing that was noted was that her Rayina’s fur was very greasy looking even a little wet in areas, and her feet were caked with black oil, like axle grease. It was very sad, she looked very depressed and disheveled. By the next morning, after having had her feet washed and given good food, water and a nice warm place to rest she looked far better.


Both Rayina and Roman are calm and easy going cats. They do like their toys and playing with anything that bounces or crinkles. Catnip mice are the best thing ever and the cat tunnel is a good place to nap, as well as in a sunbeam. They are very affectionate and friendly, liking to be pet, cuddled and talked to. They will look at you with such gratitude for being in a good place that is kind and considerate of them. Rayina and Roman are ready to be adopted into their forever home. One that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.