Picture of our cat Ariel
Picture of our cat Ariel

Born: Spring 2018
Colour: Brown Tabby
Eyes: Gold
Spayed & Vaccinated


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There is a young woman who lives in a small town and has a feeding station on her front porch. She had as many as sixteen cats at one time, needing proper nutrition, shelter and someone to watch over them. They arrive year round, even during the worst months when it is bitterly cold in the winter, and scorching hot and humid in the summer. Most are not friendly cats and are skittish and wary of people, but they return daily for the food. Arial was different. She arrived at the feeding station like the others but immediately showed how friendly and affectionate she is. But when it came time for her to be rescued it was a different story. The humane trap was used because Arial didn’t trust being picked up at that time. She went inside it, tempted by the nice stinky food placed at the back, and when the trap tripped and the door shut she became frantic. She actually tipped the trap over on it’s side, the door sprung open and she made her escape. Well, that didn’t go as planned! Not ten minutes later, Ariel was back, looking at the tasty food in the trap and went for it. This time, she was not able to get out, and was quickly brought into Pet Patrol care.


When Ariel came into Pet Patrol care she was unsure but happy to be some place climate controlled, and with plenty of food. She was so incredibly hungry. All she wanted was to be pet nicely, talked to gently and in return she purred loudly. Within three days she was stretching out for a full body pet and tummy rub. She gives out a lot of love and attention and is adorable. She’s very good with other cats leading us to believe she lived in a colony before, whether indoors or out. She is taking full of advantage of the toys, looking outside at her new view, and resting comfortably on the soft cat beds. Ariel is being fostered with another of our cats, Mason, and the two have developed a great affection for each other.  Arial is ready to be adopted into her forever home. One that will welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors.