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We are really not sure where Linus came from but he was a pretty smart cat and showed up
behind a restaurant in a very small town. He started living under the back deck, and was found
to be very friendly and affectionate to the woman who owned the property. He rolled around on
his back and charmed her so that she would feed him every day and provide him with water.
She tried to make shelter for him and keep him protected from weather, but there were days
he still came out from underneath the deck soaking wet from a day of rain. She posted him on
the local community social media, but there are no responses about who may own him or
might want to take him home, but a few comments about his polydactyl feet, and that was
about it. Calling Pet Patrol she really wanted to make sure that this boy did not have to spend
another winter outside and could be provided a good home.


Linus is a really good boy. He has done well with being integrated into the sanctuary and the
other cats and is quite grateful, once he adjusted to the boundaries like ceilings, walls, and
windows, to the luxuries of living indoors. He quite likes basking in the sun in the windows and
watching the world go by. But he has no regrets about coming indoors especially when it’s
cold and wet or rainy and snowy outside. He was one of the lucky ones where someone actually spoke up and tried to help. Toys were a bit of mystery to Linus but once he caught on he
found that catnip sachets and toy mice were the bomb. Linus is ready to be adopted into his
forever home. One that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979