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Robbi and his siblings were born to a mother cat who probably came from a family home as
she was so friendly, but became pregnant. Was this the first time she had kittens? Could they
not afford to get her spayed? She was found standing in the middle of a country lane as the
people sitting on the front porch heard a car drive off. She was heavily pregnant at the time.
Seeing she needed a safe place to have her kittens they introduced her to the barn, but she
was having no part of that and repeatedly came to the porch. That’s not the life she had before perhaps, so they made a safe haven for her in the sun room. Her kittens were born healthy
and momma was very attentive to them. They were cuddled and carried around and are well
socialized, although Robbi eluded their attention at times. We do praise to the family who
took them in, they did a good job and mom and babies have all thrived and done well. Remi,
Rory, Robbi and Rusty came into Pet Patrol care when they were seven weeks old and are
lovely kittens. Their momma has been adopted by her rescuers as their house cat.


Meet Robbi! This sweet ball of fluff is looking for a forever home with his brother Rusty hopefully. This boy can be very reserved and shy but once we gained his trust, he was loving and
affectionate. The two boys are always up for a game of chase through the cat tunnel and
cubes after a toy spring and the laser pen light. Both are high jumper athletes reaching for the
feather on the wand toy. Seeking attention they like ear scratches and it doesn’t take long to
get their motors going. Having been around the foster’s resident dogs they would be fine with
a respectful dog in their new home. Robbi and Rusti are ready to be adopted into their forever
home together. One that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979