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Pet Patrol’s sanctuary is located in a rural area, surrounded by farms and people who do
things the traditional way. Properties are fields apart and any cats that migrate from farm to
farm, have a fair distance to go. One day we received a call, it was early in the summer, from
a farm family who had a good sized barn with cows, horses of course, chickens and a number
of cats. They mentioned that they “ just had too many cats and would we like some”.
They wanted us to take a mother cat, Ilsa and her kitten, Ilianna. At that time of year, kitten
season, Pet Patrol was absolutely overflowing with cats and kittens and not a spare foster
home to place more into. It was just after Covid restrictions were lifted and people were
traveling. This reduced the number of people able to adopt or to foster. We had a full house
from June through to September but after a short wait Ilsa and Ilianna came into our care and
both have done very well.


Ilsa is a calm and quiet cat. She has seen a lot of changes in her life starting at the farm with
large animals, cold cement floors, dust and hay, to living in a foster home and now the sanctuary. Her world has changed but she loves to be pet and will quickly ask you for more and then
become very cuddly. She is a very sweet cat who likes to play with toys and other cats, cuddle
up to them, groom them and settle into a soft kitty bed for a long nap. Ilsa and Iliana get along
very well and both are ready to be adopted into their forever home hopefully together. One that
will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979