Zalia & Zarah

Zalia & Zarah

Zalia & Zarah

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A man and his family, who are kind and very caring for any animal in their care, suddenly found
themselves with a pretty grey cat they nick named “Momma” on their property. She arrived
with her young daughter Zarah as a side kick. The cats were invited into their shop for shelter,
warmth and food but were able to roam the neighborhood at will. As would happen both cats
became pregnant as neither were spayed, and each had their babies within six days of each
other. Their future was a serious problem and not secure. The neighbors did not like the cats
wondering around, and unspayed females will attract unaltered males who will spray on their
windows, doors and patio furniture. The females will produce a litter of kittens two and
sometimes three times a year. The neighbors were threatening to trap all the cats and dump
them in the country. This could not happen. The family contacted Pet Patrol, kept the cats safe
until we could find room for them, and soon they were in our care.


Zalia is a calm and easy going girl who has adapted to all the changes in her life. She is the
mama of Zarah and the two are very bonded. Zarah reflects her mother’s personality and is
just as loving and affectionate. They are often found basking in the sun or curled up in a kitty
bed together, intertwined with paws and tails everywhere. Introducing them to toys has been
entertaining as they had just the simplest in their past. Anything interactive or automated is very
exciting to them. Zalia and Zarah are wonderful girls who will be good company and a
wonderful addition to their forever home. One that will welcome them into the family and keep
them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979