Miss Kitty & Mister

Miss Kitty & Mister

Miss Kitty & Mister

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Pet Patrol received an email and photos of two lovely little cats: Miss Kitty and her kitten,
Mister. Miss Kitty had been found on a property in the dead of winter and the people had no
idea where she came from and neighbours were pretty far and few between. They wrote “We
already have a cat in our home and he is old and grumpy, and does not like other cats at all.
So, Miss Kitty moved into our heated shop. We fully expected Miss Kitty to be adopted immediately
due to her sweet nature and calico beauty, but then the pandemic happened and she
had a litter of kittens. Then a second litter was born a year later and she took on two orphans.
All the kittens have been adopted except for her little one named Mister. They are the cutest of
the bunch but they haven’t had any luck finding them homes. Miss Kitty and Mister are safe
and warm in the shop and they just love it when the people are in there. We just long for them
to have the full-time love they deserve and would keep both in a heartbeat if we could. We will
miss them both terribly, but truly want them to lead their best lives.


Miss Kitty loves to be loved. If you stop petting her before she’s done, she will meow for you to
continue. She is the nicest cat and has been very dependable and attentive to any other cats
she has been living with. She has a quiet meow which she reserves for greetings and she
loves to nap and curl up in a nice warm place. Mister is the softest black cat with the cutest
face. He loves to nap, and he is a real homebody. He is so chill. He spends about an hour a
day playing and the rest of the time he’s happy to sit and watch you. Mister is very good with
other cats, and is quite attached to Miss Kitty. Both are ready to be adopted into their forever
home together. One that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979