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Priya came into Pet Patrol care through a woman who used to rescue cats years ago. A friend
of hers has been taking care of neighbourhood cats that were abandoned when their barn was
torn down. They had no place to go, but crossed the field and street and ended up in the
friend’s garage. Fortunately the people took on the responsibility of feeding the homeless
cats, but unfortunately, the house is cluttered and there are a lot of things stored or piled up.
The garage is much the same, dirty and an assortment of bins, shop tools, bags of stuff and
keepsakes. It is open all the time so that stray cats can come in to seek shelter. Sometimes
the cats are allowed in the house, but they would have to be friendly. In regards to Priya, they
took her in from “somewhere” and were quite vague about her origins. She was heavily
pregnant at the time and the friend decided that it would be better for the kittens to be born in
a more controlled environment. Soon she was on her way to Pet Patrol and within days had
her kittens. All have done well in our care.


Priya is a friendly girl who loves to hang around with her people. She loves to get chin rubs
and scratches behind her ears, and is quick to purr. She is a talkative cat, who will have conversations with people, responding to comments and questions with soft mews and chirps.
She loves to explore, climbing in cardboard boxes, laundry baskets or other places she can
squeeze into! Priya has been gentle and sweet with children and would be an excellent pet.
She is ready to be adopted into her forever home. One that will welcome her into the family
and keep her safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979