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Pico’s mother was named Penny and she was a pretty Torti cat who was born outside in the
summer of 2019. One kind man took it upon himself to feed her and her whole feline family
and create a shelter to make sure they were ok. He was looking into rescue organizations to
help bring them inside to safety when suddenly all the cats and kittens disappeared “We
thought they were rescued, as they don’t all generally leave so suddenly unless chased away. “
Only Penny was left behind and the man continued to care for her like he had in the past. Not
being spayed Penny had her own litter of three kittens (Pico being one of them) in the spring
of 2020. He contacted Pet Patrol. Penny, Pico and his siblings came to the sanctuary and
they were a treasure to have in our care. Fast forward two years, after all the cats were
adopted into loving homes, and Pico has been returned to Pet Patrol to find another family.
Due to health issues of his humans and lack of time they felt that Pico deserved a better life.


Pico is a loving indoor cat who likes to cuddle with his people but is also curious and likes to
explore. He is very interested in what you do and will follow you around to see what you are up
to and if he can smell it. Pico likes to chase after toys and will play catch with his favourite pink
bunny. He is active, fun loving and likes the cat tunnels and climbers. As an affectionate cat
he would like to have a human parent who will spend time with him for petting and love. He
has lived with another cat (his brother) but they were unable to be kept together which is sad. Pico is
ready to be adopted into his forever home. One that will welcome him into the family and keep
him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979