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Pet Patrol received a message from a man who owns a rural property. He has been caring for
stray cats and kittens who show up at his farm, which happens on a regular basis. He loves
and understands cats and takes good care of them, giving them food and fresh water, bedding and affection. He also has them all spayed or neutered which is not common, especially
in the northern parts of the province. Monty appeared on a rainy, windy winter day. He was
tired, cold, and wet. The man fed him and took care of him, and Monty became like a little
buddy, coming when called and appreciating the care. Still, he could not stay there and it was
always the intention from the time he was rescued to be allowed to find a permanent home.
Soon he was on his way to Pet Patrol and onto a better life.


Monty is a very sweet and gentle cat. Once you start to pet him he rolls over on his side, exposes his belly and purrs deeply. Crooking his head under to look at you upside down is very
endearing. Monty is great with other cats and happy to play with them, running around and
chasing toys as well as cuddling up and grooming each other. New environments are a bit
scary for him but with love and attention he settles in and soon becomes your best buddy. He
is interested in what people are doing as well as seeing what is going on outside with the
birds, squirrels and traffic. Monty is ready to be adopted into his his forever home. One that
will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979