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Poor Shadow. Here’s a boy who was owned by people who didn’t care about him from one
day to the next. He was neglected, outside more than in, fed, but had never been to a vet. A
neighbour who had observed him scooting around, terrified of everything that moved, was
quite concerned about Shadow because he had sores on his body and his eyes were badly
infected, and he was squinting all the time.. When she questioned the people about him they
just waved her off and said he was fine. As expected, when they up and moved they left him
behind. Immediately a plan was put in place and several of the neighbours rescued Shadow
right away and brought him to Pet Patrol. Upon examination it was discovered that his eyes
were not infected, instead he had a condition called Entropia. This is where the eyelashes curl
into the eye and scrape across the cornea and it is something he was born with. How sad to
think his whole life was dominated by the irritation and inability to see properly . Shadow had
successful corrective surgery in Pet Patrol care and is now a happier, healthier cat.


Shadow is a favorite here at the sanctuary. He is such a gentle cat and very appreciative of
being rescued and having a loving environment to thrive in. Initially he hid from the activities of
the sanctuary, but now he is out and about, happy to greet new people at the door, meeting
new cats and sitting nicely for pets and treats. He is fine with other cats, but being a bit older
the actives of the kittens are more of an amusement than and instigator to get him to play. He
likes toys he can swat at or follow like the laser pen light, but anything with catnip in it is just the
best thing ever. Shadow would do well in an adult home where he will be allowed to retire in
the comfort and adoration that he deserves. He is a lovely cat and ready to be adopted into
his forever home. One that will welcome whim into the family and keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979