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A woman who has rescued a number of cats from her area, about 45 minutes from the
sanctuary, told Pet Patrol about a couple in their early sixties who needed to rehome some of
their cats. Although their house looks tidy from outside, upon entering it she found definite
signs of hoarding: the house was crowded with furniture and objects, with narrow pathways
between, and every surface had something on it. There was a strong pungent smell
everywhere, and the rescuer saw several cats and kittens including Goldie, a sweet natured
calico, and her sister Genie, who is very pregnant. There were empty cat food and water
dishes around the house, evidence that the cats were not being fed regularly. The couple is
living on an extremely limited income and were not buying cat food or cleaning up after the
cats. The rescuer left bags of food to help, but knew that the cats needed to be taken out of the
situation. She drove through a blizzard to bring Goldie and Genie safely to the sanctuary.


Goldie is an adorable girl who has beautiful calico markings of orange, white and black. She
is also a polydactyl cat which means she has extra toes on her front paws, which is quite rare.
She is quite affectionate and loving, showing that her previous owners were kind to her, but
with so many cats in the house, she did not get the attention that she deserves. She has
started to integrate into the sanctuary with the other cats without issue, but the toys have really
piqued her interest. She is loving all lthe activities, the cat trees, tunnels, balls that jingle, and
her eyes go wide when playing with the wand toy. Goldie is ready to be adopted into her
forever home. One that will welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979