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Poor Finnegan and his brother were cared for nicely at a woman’s country property. They had
a barn to sleep in, warm and dry cat beds, food, and water year-round, and somebody to
watch out for them. She would pet them, spend time with them and make sure they were safe.
What happened? The property was getting too much for the woman to care for on her own and
she sold it to move into town, closer to family. What about the cats? She was not able to take
them with her, and when she sold the property she told the new owners that she would find a
cat rescue to take them. Food was provided for them and she thought she had some time
to accomplish that. But the new owners were having no part of that and refused to feed them
so she returned every day to make sure the boys were ok. The people were not compassionate and insisted she take the cats, now! Eventually they came to Pet Patrol, Finnegan was
rescued first, followed by his brother Flynn a few days later.


Finnegan is very sweet, gentle and introverted. He loves his brother Flynn, and although they
are opposite in personalities, he has come around a bit at the sanctuary. There are a number
of cats here, so he would do better in a quieter home. With lots of TLC Finnegan has begun
to appreciate the love and affection doted on him while here, something he never had in his
previous life style. He was neglected that way. We have noticed him taking an interest in toys,
but mostly he loves to be up high, watching the action and looking out the window. He has no
interest in being outside any more and basks in the sunbeams streaming through the windows
in complete comfort. Finnegan is ready to be adopted into his forever home with Flynn. One
that will welcome him into the family, accept him for who he is, and keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979