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“They are in my window well and I’m not sure what to do!” This was the message that was left
for Pet Patrol in regards to Lily and her feline family of kittens. The woman owned a home just
off of a very busy street and she discovered Lily in her window well. Looking closely she discovered little kittens, she began to count them, one, two, three….seven! Oh my! Lily seemed
quite content to be there and it was a safe place because the little ones could not crawl away
from he nest, however it was not a very hospitable for them to grow up in. there were rocks,
dirt and debris in there. To provide comfort the woman put a towel in there to cover anything
that could harm them. She contacted Pet Patrol and a rescue plan was put in place. A storm
was forecast for the next night, absolute terrible downpour, cold weather and high winds would
hit the area so the woman gathered up the kittens and put them in a cat carrier. She immediately set up a humane trap right by the window well and Lily went right in for the food, an instant
later the door shut safely behind her and she was saved. Lily was very happy to be reunited
with her kittens and once settle into their foster home the purring could be heard from all.


Lily is a very sweet girl. She loves to cuddle on the couch and appreciates being brushed.
She is playful and likes toys that crinkles, bounce and any interactive toys with her person
(wand toy/laser pen light). Often this pretty girl can be found sitting on the cat tree watching the
world outside and checking in on the household activities from the top perch. It takes a while
for Lily to feel comfortable around you and she would prefer a quiet home. She has come a
very long way socially in her foster home. Another passive cat in the house would be nice and
we are sure Lily will soon be their BFF. Lily is ready to be adopted into her forever home.
One that will welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979