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This kitty is named Panda because his coat resembles the panda bears markings. He and his sister and their
mother, were rescued off the streets in a small rural town. They were found
living in an alley that had dumpsters, bags of garbage and clutter in there. It was out of the
wind and out of sight, but also very filthy and unfit for cats to live in. It is not uncommon to have
cats brought to the country to be abandoned, but also some cats have arrived in town unnoticed from being in the back of a hay wagon, truck engine etc. We see it often enough. Panda
and his mother were quite wary and smart to the humane trap and it took some patience but
eventually this feline family was rescued. Once given a clean space to live Panda thrived and
showed very quickly what a lovely affectionate cat he is, and loves to receive love and affections from the volunteers.


Panda is a happy go lucky kitty who likes to run around with his buddies, wrestle and have
games of hide and seek. He is quite agile and will scale the cat trees with ease and likes to
look out the window and watch the world. Toys are awesome and anything that dangles or
jingles is great fun. He is happy to be indoors with the comfort of a home, people to love him
and games to play. He can be a little shy at first but once he is held he purrs deeply and enjoys
being pet and cuddled. Being brushed and receiving back massages are the best! Panda is
looking for a gentle home, hopefully with a buddy to play with who is accepting and loves him
as much as he will love them. He is ready to be adopted into his forever home. One that will
welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979