Pogi & Paige

Pogi & Paige

Pogi & Paige

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Pogi and Paige came into Pet Patrol care as kittens, a bit timid in the beginning but grew to
become outdoing and people oriented cats in their foster home. In due time they were
adopted into a nice home, with a well educated woman who loved cats. She took very good
care of them and they were well loved. But life gives us curve balls sometimes and it changes
our way of living, our success and our ability to continue on independently. Covid certainly
changed many people’s lives and not all for the better. In the case of Pogi and Paige the
stress of long and demanding work schedules lead to the woman being in and out of the
hospital and eventually she was not able to live in her home any longer. The cats had been
cared for by family members, in her apartment, when she was not there. But it created long
days and nights without someone around. This was not what their owner had hoped for and
the two kitties were brought back into our care to find a new forever home.


From their foster family: Paige and Pogi moved into our home very easily. Pogi was immediately comfortable and took a walk around to check the place out. It took Paige a couple hours
to start exploring but once she was comfortable she didn’t stop. They are brother and sister
and nearly identical. Their favourite spot in our home was under the dining room table on the
chairs where they can observe the comings and goings in the house and not miss a thing.
Their antics were a constant source of laughter for us and they are a wonderful pair, quiet,
calm, clean and extremely friendly. They will regularly snuggle in beside us and fall asleep.
They loved playing laser pointer and chasing a feather. Pogi is a real charmer, very inquisitive
and wants to see what’s behind every door. Paige is more laid back but still interested in her
people. We loved sharing our home with them. Pogo and Paige are ready to be adopted into
their forever home. One that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979