Jaxson & Jenson

Jaxson & Jenson

Jaxson & Jenson

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A Pet Patrol volunteer received a call from her nephew about three kittens being fed at a
seasonal holiday camp. It is an idyllic environment during the hot summer months as there
was always shade filled bushes to rest in and people about to ward off any predators. One
woman was feeding the boys behind her trailer unbeknownst to her neighbours. Then she left
the park and returned home without a plan for the kittens, who then started searching out food
from anyone who would take notice of them. The nephew asked if there was room for the cats
to come to Pet Patrol as the park would be closed for the winter within a few weeks and there
would be no one to feed them. They would not survive out there alone with no shelter, no
warmth, no food and hungry wildlife in the area With gentle coaxing the kittens were finally
secured – all boys – and one of them was adopted by the family who rescued them. Jaxson
and Jensen came into Pet Patrol’s care and are enjoying their new life .


Jaxson and Jensen are adorable and energetic kitties that love playing and running around.
Their favorite toys are the laser pen light and any furry toys that they can bat around, toss or
chase after. They have a special love for small rugs that they can roll around on, scrunch up
and just be silly with. Attention is something they really love and enjoy; getting pets and they
are always excited to cuddle with you on the bed. Lay next to them and you can bop their
noses, whisper loving things to them and in return you will receive the deepest most content
purrs from both. Overall, they are energetic fur balls that are always up for exploring. Keeping
tabs on the activities of birds, squirrels and even the traffic from the safety of the window.
Jaxson and Jensen are bonded brothers who are ready to be adopted into their forever home
together. One that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979