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Guinness is a cat that arrived on Pet Patrol’s porch, coming late at night to the feeding station.
As soon as someone was near he would run for the hills, not even stopping to look back.
Since the sanctuary is surrounded by farm land it is not unusual to have cats that are feral
coming to the property. Occasionally we would see Guinness hiding by a car or scooting
under the shed foundation, he never stayed too long once spotted. One cold and rainy
evening as our coordinator was leaving, she heard a sad meow coming from about twenty feet
away. It was this handsome black kitty and he looked miserable. This was the first time he had
chatted to anyone so now we knew he was friendly. Apparently, the feeding station food dish
had not been filled and he was hanging around hungrily hoping to catch someone’s attention.
He certainly did. Over the next few weeks we started seeing him more often and finally one
night we were able to touch the top of his head. No growling, no backing away – this is excellent. The next opportunity to touch him, while he was digging into canned food, he received full
body pets, and then was easily picked up and carried into the sanctuary. Yay! Now Guinness
is neutered, vaccinated and ready to audition for adoption.


Although Guinness has not been in our care for very long he has shown us that he is super
friendly, affectionate and a little goofy. He is so happy to be indoors, warm, dry and well
looked after and shows his appreciation in loud purrs and bunting his big head into you for
more pets. He is adorable and playful, and belly rubs are a favourite. Although toys were a
bit of a mystery to him, he soon was running around after the laser pen light and of course
anything with catnip in it is a big hit. Guinness is named because of his rich dark colouring.
He is a really nice cat ready to be adopted into his forever home. One that will welcome him
into the family and keep him safely indoor.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979